Restoration Projects.
Items here are part of our current inventory of restoration projects
the will be offered for sale fully restored or custom restoration.
RARE TripleTokheim Lubester
RARE Victorian Era Cast Iron Aquarium/Terrarium Tank
Rare Goodyear Battery Stand with charger, Light up front panel, 1950's
Eastern Electric
cigarette vendor
Dugrenier Cigarette
Vendor co.
canteen vendor
1940's era
AC Emissions tester
1970's era
Rare 1920's
Bowser Visible
8 Gallon Gas Pump
Tokheim Lubester
Choldun Pressure Purger Engine Flusher
Oil Drain
Oil Drain
Oil Drain
Lincoln Lubrication Unit Oil & Grease
nostalgiastore_march_2017002002.gif nostalgiastore_march_2017009002.gif nostalgiastore_march_2017002001.gif